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Name/ Business Card

- The Customer:-

1) Company (New Company)

2) Individual

3) Student

Customer has been waiting for 3 days to take their name/business card RM 30 for 100 pieces without limiting. More than 100 pieces, costumer will get a discount 20%


Greeting card

This service especially to couple for wedding. Also for customer to celebrate the birthday and to give some body. Other wise, have a Hari Raya card. The designer need for 1 week to finish the booking or ordered.

Normal perfume
Width- 8 cent small- 0.80 cent (more than 100-0.50 cent)
Thick- 5 cent big- RM 1 (more than 100-0.70 cent)


Technology Used

In order to operating the bussiness, Asy-raff copy centre used the latest technology used on general and complex printing.


Computer Celeron 300Mhz
Graphic and Designing
Laser Printer
Printing / Layout / Master Copy
Injet Printer
Bubble Jet (JAPAN)
Color Printing
Digital Copiers (GERMAN)
Ability to print 100 document per minute with any coloring choice for card printing
Embossed Machine
Manual Heavy Duty Cutter (GERMAN)
Cut paper with a thick of 1 rim
GMP Laminating Machine
Make a shining layer on the card / UV by a maximum A3 size
Pollycone Rubber Stamp Machine
Expose to make a rubber stamp
Canon 6060 Copier
Copying 60 pcs documents per minute
Binding Machine
bind documents in manual way