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Activities page

There are many supports activities waiting for visitors. These are among the best activities among visitor were already coming here;

Observation hide


The wildlife around gives us an opportunity to watch and observe their life cycle. Try to spot any wildlife around climb playing with other life.



Bird Watching


Over 350 bird species originate and can be found here. This rain forest was habitats of numerous beautiful birds such as Drongos, Malkohas, Masteeko and Pied Hornbills.


Cave Exploration


Close encounters to rock formation and the art of stone. Gua Telinga, Gua Kepayang and Gua Menari are among the popular beautiful caves here.


Shooting the rapids


Experiences the wild of river such as Sungai Tembeling while swim on the cool water and refresh air. Come to negotiate with your boatmates to surf wilderness on crystal clear waters.


Gunung Tahan climbing


Take your challenge here to enable your stamina fully by strolling and climbing to the peak of Gunung Tahan the highest mountain in peninsular Malaysia.



Stayfree around the oldest rain forest with camping experiences. Imagine yourself lay at the night, watching fantasy star and hear the waterfall on his beautiful path

And many mores......



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