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Taman Negara Malaysia was also known as Malaysia National Park.

This is where is the mother of nature treasure live protected safely for universal jungle life, flora and fauna. The park was reserve as Racreation Park.


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Malaysia was the famous places for visitor around the world. One of Malaysia fabulous places is Taman Negara Malaysia. I.e. Malaysia National Park.

There was many National Parks here, but we'll present our Malaysian premier National Park, states of Pahang.

It was the given from the mother natures as the oldest rain forest in the world. The survival since 130 years ago are important for our life cycle.

This sanctuary habitats of hundred of species from bird, butterflies, insect, fish and valuables plants.


Welcome to Taman Negara


Situated at peninsular Malaysia in states of Pahang between Kelantan and Trengganu borders.

This forest is untouchable from the modernization. Although, this protected area offer a walkthrough tricky canopy and path of world heaven.

Sight and memorable scenery will attract your eyes while wildlife living peace and harmony.


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