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Facilities & Accommodation

Taman Negara offers many house and chalets for local and foreign visitor. There are 2 main resort can be found there. There are Taman Negara Resort and Nusa Camp.



Both resort offer house, chalets and campsites for camping.The rental rates depend on types of house and chalets that available. Taman Negara Resort provides bed and bedding, eating utensils, kerosene stove, lantern and water supply.



Taman Negara Resort


Taman Negara Resort offers a variety of accommodations ranging from the typical Malay timber chalets comprising Standard Chalets, Chalet Suites, Bungalows and guest houses. Dormitories, hostels and a 2.5-acre camping ground also available.


Facilities and services including a medical clinic and a mini market available for visitor. All accommodation equippe with air conditioned except dormitory. Each dormitory room have 8 beds in with individual locker. Bathrooms are located in the center of the building.


Current Room Tariff
Number of units

Rate in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

RM 600.00
Chalets Suites
RM 300.00
Superior Chalets
RM 216.00
Guest House
RM 165.00
RM 42.50

More details in Tour Packages webpage

Campsite is also available nearby the resort facilitate with toilet, bathroom, lockers and kitchen. Camping equipment can be hired at the resort. Taman Negara Resort provide the best facilities four visitors.


Nusa Camp

For Nusa Camp is about 15 minutes by boat from Kuala Tahan via Tembeling River. Here you can find Malay house, cottage and chalets. Hostel and dorm also available. Nusa Camp offer the cheapest rates for you budget pocket.

ROOM TARIFF 1999/2000


Number of units

Rate in Ringgit Malaysia


Malay House
 RM 100.00
Malay Cottage
 RM   90.00
A-Frame Chalet
 RM   55.00
Hostel / Dorm per bed (4 beds)
 RM   15.00
Extra Bed
 RM   10.00

More details in Tour Packages webpage


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