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Getting there

To getting here. Visitor must specify the most transport to arrive here. Visitors have to flight here if you're live overseas and other country. The flight should arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Visitor will be at Sepang ,States of Selangor. But the National Park was states in Pahang not Selangor.

It's prefer to stay at hotel before continue to go ther. Visitor have many choice of hotel here. Usually Swiss Inn hotel are the best choice for departure.

Limo, Taxi or Shuttle bus

Alternatively you can choose take either private transport by van or limousine approximately RM 300.00 per way or by public transport from Kuala Lumpur or Kuantan. It takes about 3-4 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Jerantut or Mentakab, Pahang.

Taxi and bus services regularly locate at Pudu Raya bus station in Kuala Lumpur. When visitor arrive at Jerantut, you have to choose bus or taxi to Kuala Tembeling about 16km. From here, the follow the signs to Taman Negara ease to guide visitor to reach there.

Domestic Flight or Train

Visitor can choose domestic flight by depart at Sultan Sallehudin Shah (Subang) Airport to Kuantan. To flight Kuala Lumpur back, visitor have to depart at Kuantan airport. But visitors still have to use shuttle/ taxi to Jerantut or Mentakab, Pahang.

Visitor from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore can get there by KTMB train service. The advantage by this train that passing Kuala Tembeling. From Kuala Tembeling, there is an half-hour walking to jetty.

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